What Is A Proxy Server And Why Should You Use It?

The words 'proxy server' are thrown around a lot when talking about online presence and security, but many people still aren't completely sure just what it means. A proxy server acts as a screen between the PC and the internet. If someone who doesn't use a proxy server visits a website, the website will log that PC as the visitor. The difference when using a proxy server is simple. It will see the proxy server as the visitor to the website, not the PC itself. This is beneficial for a multitude of reasons and that's why there's really no reason not to use a cheap proxy online.

The shared SOCKS for sale online can work just as well as a cheap proxy online, depending on your needs. One of the most common reasons why companies use proxy servers is to monitor and control what their employees access online. With a proxy server, companies can ban their employees from visiting social media networks, adult websites or any other website that is deemed as being unproductive and a waste of time. When employees are no longer able to visit these time wasting websites, they tend to get a lot more work done, boosting the company's productivity.

Moreover, these shared SOCKS for sale or any cheap proxy online can tell you exactly what websites employees are accessing and how much time they spend on websites. With information like this, a company can easily see which employees are wasting time and which aren't. This is useful during disputes about work productivity as it provides concrete proof that employees might be slacking off. It also gives employees the incentive to finish their work fast and without taking too many breaks browsing the internet. It's best to make sure that employees know their usage is being monitored, as this will stop them from wasting time in the first place. If they're unaware of the monitoring, they'll most likely continue their normal browsing habits until they are confronted, which is more time consuming and less effective.

Companies also use proxy servers since it helps them to save costs on bandwidth. Proxy servers compress all traffic, therefore reducing the amount of bandwidth necessary. Since many employees tend to visit the same websites, the proxy saves these cache files and uses them when someone else wants to access a specific website. Having cached files save a lot of bandwidth, especially in large companies. Instead of paying for 100 employees to all access the same website, one employee visiting the website will be enough to get a cache stored, making each subsequent visit require less loading and less bandwidth.

As mentioned in the introduction, a proxy acts as a shield between the PC and the website it visits. This means that proxy servers will protect your identity, location and other important pieces of information about your host. Since hackers need these pieces of information to infiltrate your system, a proxy server plays a large role in keeping the networks of companies safe.

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